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Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions Was is the difference between renting an aparment and staying at a hotel? When you rent an aparment you are renting a home, that is exclusive for you and your family, where you can count of the comfort of a home, and enjoy the privacy at a lower cost. The circumstances are similar, even when the apartment is located in a hotel. How does the room cleaning service work? The apartments are given in perfectly cleaned conditions, with clean sheets and towels. There is no daily cleaning or exchange of white clothes. Until what age are kids considered as kids for the ocupation of the aparments? They are considered kids until the age of ten, even at the time of stay in, a higher age we consider ''adult''. Can you enter the aparment before the check-in time? Check-in hour is after 2pm. If the aparment is free before 2pm you may enter with before the usual hour with the right authorization, that will be given one day before the day of check-in. Can i stay at the apartment after the check-out time? Check out time is before 10am. If the aparment is available after 10am you may stay after the usual with the given authorization. If you woud like to asure yourself the apartment after 10am, you must pay the corresponding value at late chaeck-out, the time for late check-out at any ocassion is 6pm. Can you have something that was baught online sent to the aparment? You may but it may not be more than five packeges. It is the building's administracion policy that the packages must be delivered at the time of your stay-in. Otherwise you have 48 hours to pick up the package, of the administracion will send it to its original destination. In Orlando it is not posible to recieve purchases. "Miami Te Espera" does not take responsibility for loss, deviation, or damage of any package, it is completely the guests responsibility. Is the beach service included in the price? No, beach service has an additional cost, you may purchase it directly at the beach, or take advantage of the exclusive offers for our guests. Can you pay parking with a card? No, the parking is an outsourced service, it must be payed in advanced, along with the stay-in, and only in cash. Is it posible to get back an item i forgot at the apartment? We recommend you check the apartment carefully before leaving. "Miami Te Espera" does not take responsibility for any item forgotten at the aparment. What inputs are at the aparment at when arriving? The aparment is given with a broom, bromm-shovel, burdock, sponge, and sanitary sheets. Who hands me the keys to the aparment? We have employees in each deparment that coordinate your arrival, they reach you via email and together figure out a gethering. What happens if im late and can't make it on the time agreed? Its is important that your are comminucated at all times of the meeting and notify if you are going to be late, we'll be waiting at the building. Can i invite friends over to the pool of the building? The pool is exclusive for our guests. At arrivel they will be given a brecelet that identifies them and lets them enjoy exclusive attractions, others may not. May i have friends over for dinner at the apartment? There is not inconvinience with that as long as you respect the rest of the apartments, there are no parties allowed. Can i take me pet? If you wish to take a pet you have to let us know in advance, so we check with the unitys available that allow pets. Is smoking allowed in the apartment? No, any inconvinience from smoking in a closed area will be held on the guest responsible. I can't connect to the internet. In some ocassions, like other parts of the world there may be momentarily internet loss due to the internet providers problems. "Miami Te Espera" does not take responsibility for such problems of the internet provider.

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